The Grand Debut of “Software Engineering”

I have a treasured book containing the proceedings of a NATO conference held in 1968 in Garmisch, Germany. It was the first time that the term “Software Engineering” had been used in such a bold fashion. It’s a first edition copy.

Recently I came across a web site that provides both the 1968 and 1969 conference proceedings. It can be found here:

When I read the 1968 proceedings I was flabbergasted by the topics discussed. Most of the book could have been written a few years ago. They had indentified the same issues then that still plague the software development community today: lack of documentation, lack of testing, lack of processes. Amazing.

So, go take a look for yourself. I paid a lot of money for my book (and it was worth every penny). You can get yours for free.

And prepare to be amazed at how little has really changed over 40 years.


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