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In my book “Practical Electronics: Components and Techniques” I describe how to use a standard bench vise or an X-Y cross-slide vise and a rotary tool (aka Dremel tool) to make precise cuts in various types of materials. Well, I know I’m not the first person to come up with something like this, but I recently came across a tool from China that does the same job as a vise, and does it a bit more elegantly for certain applications. This is it, mounted on the side of a small metal desk in my shop:


The clamp head swivels using a ball joint, and it can be removed and stored when you don’t need it. I can imagine that it would be useful for a number of applications besides electronics. Jewellery makers and other crafty people might find it handy. If you are working with a tubular work piece like brass or a PVC pipe you could mount the work in the clamp to keep it steady.

It’s not a cure-all, as it does have a problem squeezing some rotary tools into the clamp ring. It comes with nylon inserts that will help hold the tool and compensate for the tool size, and the clamp bolt could be longer. I can’t fit one of my rotary tools into this clamp, but as you can see it does just fine with a smaller tool. The pictures on the Amazon page show another example.

You can find the tool at Amazon. It sells for about $23.


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