Fun with book titles

Well, it seems that there is a problem with my latest book. Turns out that someone in Europe decided to create an e-book and name it “Arduino In a Nutshell”. Well, OK, but that’s not cool, because O’Reilly has been using the “Nutshell” titles for many years. It even states in the front of the Nutshell books that the Nutshell theme is a registered trademark (but IANAL). I’m a bit irked by all this, as you may well imagine.

But rather than pick a fight and piss off the Arduino community, which neither I or O’Reilly really want to do, my book will get a new title. And the copyright registration will have to change, and the ISBN number will probably have to change, and so on.

The current front-runner in the title race is “Arduino: A Technical Reference”, with some form of clever subtitle to go along with it (subtitles are all the rage these days, it would seem). I originally wanted to call it “The Arduino Technical Reference” because after all, that is what it is. I write technical references and textbooks, I don’t do “99 Amazing Projects” books (complex projects are hard to do and document well in a short time frame, simple projects are easy–I suspect that’s why there are a lot of the amazing simple projects books). But technical authors don’t often get to name their own books when publishing through mass-market outlets, mainly due to marketing concerns and editorial whims.

If you have downloaded an early release version of the book, safeguard it. That is the last and only release that will have the original title. Congratulations, you now own a collector’s item.

I’m hoping it just all slides quietly under the bridge. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


UPDATE 9 April 2016

My latest book is now officially called “Arduino: A Technical Reference” with some additional sub-title stuff (O’Reilly seems to really like sub-titles). It’s available now for pre-order on Amazon and of course from O’Reilly directly.


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