C.H.I.P: The VGA test setup

Here are some images of the CHIP test setup I cobbled together. It’s not pretty, but that’s not important for right now. It works, and it demonstrates one way to assemble things and get a working single-board Linux system up and running.

Here is a series of images, from front to back. Starting with a front view, we have a VGA/HDMI display (without a case) sitting on a wireframe tablet stand, a Bluetooth keyoard, a standard mouse (I haven’t found a Bluetooth mouse I like, yet), and behind the display panel the electronics for the display and the CHIP itself.


The Bluetooth keyboard has a USB cable plugged in, but that’s just to charge it. I was very disappointed when I discovered that I couldn’t use it with a USB interface, but that’s OK, the Bluetooth works.

The next image is a more detailed look at the stuff hiding behind the display. Note that the USB hub is powered, as per the recommendation from the CHIP online documentation. I haven’t tied anything down to the cable anchors yet, because this is till a work in progress.


And lastly, a rear view of the setup. You can see the backlight on the display, and it’s actually quite bright.


Here is what is shown:

4-Port USB hub, powered
VGA/HDMI Display (innards only)
Bluetooth keyboard
Standard USB optical mouse

The display components were purchased from Adafruit, and sadly, I think paid too much for it ($144.95 + shipping). I also bought what is essentially the same electronics in a nice little case with a stand for $89 (including shipping) on eBay. Just do a search on eBay for “10 inch TFT LCD Color HDMI Monitor”. You can see it in my earlier posts on the C.H.I.P.. Live and learn.

The Bluetooth keyboard came from eBay. I think I paid about $7 for it (I bought 5, just because), but I see that it’s now up to $8. They also work with my Samsung phone and other Bluetooth-capable things. There is a slight problem with either the keyboard or the CHIP disabling the connection (not the pairing, just the connection) that seems to occur when the CHIP blanks the display. It’s more of an annoyance, and I need to look into it and figure out which end is doing the disconnect.


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