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Some more reasons why Software Engineering is so damned important

This is a slightly altered version of the summary of a report I wrote for a company that attempted to explain to them why they should have a software engineer (a real one) on their staff, and why it would help their bottom line.

Reviewing and working with most legacy software typically leads to an observation that is hard to avoid: Software engineering is arguably the most important aspect of any software implementation activity.

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Quick note: Programming tutorial site

I discovered ZetCode a while back while looking around for sites that offered good examples of how to use wxPython, possibly as adjuncts to the documentation already available.

ZetCode isn’t just about Python. They also have tutorials and articles on Qt4, Java, Ruby and other languages. Check it out at:

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Little Buddy

An awesome little friend

Jordi the Sheltie passed away in 2008 at the ripe old age of 14. He was the most awesome dog I've ever known.