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Dropbox Drops the Ball

I like use a secure file sharing service to move things around between myself, publishers, co-workers, and so¬† on. For years I’ve been using Dropbox and its directory syncing feature under Linux without any major hassles. I finally decided to pay them some money and get more storage space, and it was fine at first. But lately that all changed. Continue reading ‘Dropbox Drops the Ball’

Evicting domain name squatters

I recently considered starting a blog to replace Crankycode. I’m not quite as cranky as I used to be (although stuff with little or no documentation still pisses me off to no end), and I actually do more than just write code, draw flow charts, and generate pretty MSC diagrams. So, I thought to myself, why not create a blog where I could put articles on hardware and software. A place that could also offer follow-on support and ideas that tie into my books. Sounds good, now I just need to pick a name.

The problem is, that typing in anything with “maker” in it resulted in either an active website or a placeholder with nothing but a mostly blank page. In other words, a domain squatter. Sure, there’s the helpful little box that states “This domain may be for sale.” No thanks. I tried other names and various permutations, with largely the same results. The more I poked around, the crankier I became.

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Little Buddy

An awesome little friend

Jordi the Sheltie passed away in 2008 at the ripe old age of 14. He was the most awesome dog I've ever known.